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Mystical 13
in person - 60 minutes  $30.00
via Skype - 60 minutes  $30.00

A series of 13 classes developed with the new members of the metaphysical community in mind. Each intro class guides you in the right direction to discover the answers to many common questions. These are practical classes for any spiritual path, and are not based on one specific religion.
You can take the entire series or just the class(es) that interest you. The series includes: Spirituality Intro, Spirituality Part 2, Creating Sacred Space, Working with Spirit Guides & Angels, Personal Protection, Prayer & Meditation, Moon Mysteries, Herb Lore, Color Therapy, Crystalology 101, Chakras & Qi, Energy Healing, Affirmations

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Yoga Session
60 minutes  $60.00

Learn the simplicity of each pose through breath. Either of the yoga classes listed to the left, can be booked as a private class. All private sessions are by appointment only. I allow up to 2 people in a private session.
Private sessions are perfect for the student who wants the class to be custom crafted for their needs. It can also help people become more confidant in their abilities, leading them to experience more calm when joining a group class. Each private session is tailored specifically to the student. Private sessions can be taken as many times as you like, or as a stepping stone to enter in to group settings.
Each class includes Pranayama (breath work), Asana (poses), Mantra (sacred healing chants) & meditation. You can choose the type of meditation you want. Choose from musical, guided imagery, or goal specific hypnosis.

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Intuitive Services

Astrology Chart & Reading
60 minutes  $120.00

Your astrological chart is a map of the tendencies of your mind when you are born.You often get results in your life that match the symbolism of the planets and their relation to each other at the moment of your birth because the way we think creates our life. Your chart is constructed using your birth day, city of your birth, and exact time you were born to the minute.Some aspects of the chart take years to change signs and some change every two to four minutes.
By studying your chart you can know the way your mind works - what is easy for you and what tends to be more difficult.Knowing this, you can make changes.You can use your strengths and overcome your weak areas if you so choose.The choice is always yours.
You may explore an astrology session on its own to learn more about your life, your mind, and the way you think.You may also choose to integrate hypnosis or add a hypnosis session later to turn your weak areas into strengths.

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Aura Reading with Drawing
30 minutes  $50.00
60 minutes  $90.00

This is a gentle and non-invasive reading of your energy. Rendered in a color sketch and when completed we will go over this in detail. Information regarding the colors intensity and placement. All this is telling me about your current situation. We may see slow energy, high energy levels, anxiety and or manifestation of energy from outside influences. Chakras can be explored, orbs may be found, crescents and star glints can be explained. Any intuitive messages will be passed on also during the explanation of the drawing.

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Dream Interpretation
60 minutes  $95.00

Your dreams are guideposts for your life. Angela will interpret your dream symbols and experiences so that you understand these crucial messages from the unconscious. By making the unconscious conscious you can intuit the path of your life and know what choices you are being guided to make in order to realize the love you need from your life and relationships. Receive this all important guidance in order to realize the love, prosperity and healing you need and deserve!

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Oracle Card Reading
30 minutes  $50.00
60 minutes  $95.00

Oracle cards are based on the Tarot system but differ by not having a Major & Minor Arcana. They use positive imagery and positive messages to allow for clear messages. Each card uses symbology through the art and words provided laying out the story of the message from your guides. *Can also be done via telephone, Skype, Google+ or Facetime at no additional charge.

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Tarot Card Reading
30 minutes  $40.00 - $50.00
60 minutes  $80.00 - $95.00
Home Party  $125.00 per hour

Steeped in history and mystery, "Tarot has long been revered for giving detailed and accurate forecasts. Rich with symbolism and imagery, Tarot cards provide you with inspiring guidance on your life journey!"
*Can also be done via telephone, Skype, Google+ or Facetime at no additional charge.

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Healing Services

Aura Clearing
60 minutes  $90.00

Want to feel energetically lighter? Or boost your energy? An aura clearing helps remove energy blockages and raise slow energies. Low energy levels can be improved by 'fluffing', receiving energy during the clearing process. Bringing a greater balance that can be felt soon afterwards. Checks are done on chakras and for residual energy that does not belong. Possible tears in the aura can be repaired at this time. This is an non-invasive and gentle type of treatment. I will check your auric energy that is all around you. This includes a sketch of your Aura and we'll reference it for head to toe clearing. The clearing can be done in a sitting or standing position using various stones and crystals.

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Chakra Harmony™
60 minutes  $60.00

Experience mind body balance with the ancient energy healing technique of Reiki. Highly relaxing while helping the body heal, Reiki has no contra-indications. Reiki can be used to support cancer patients, migraine suffers, high blood pressure, chronic pain, fatigue, stress management and much more. By surrounding the client in an array of crystals* specifically chosen for each client, I lay a healing grid on and around the body. Aromatherapy compliments this service. The finishing touch to the Chakra Harmony™ treatment is having the Tibetan bowls played on the body, infusing the muscles with vibrational healing.
*Crystals for home use can be purchased separately.

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Cord Healing
30 minutes  $50.00

Working to heal the energetic cords that are connected to those in our life.

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Crystal Therapy
30 minutes  $25.00

Crystal Intuitive, Susanna Tocco, chooses the correct crystals for you and then lays a healing grid on and around you. Then leaving you to integrate with the healing energies while music plays softly in the background.

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Healing Journey
60 minutes  $95.00
120 minutes  $190.00

Spiritual Healing insight into illness, relationship problems, dreams, spiritual growth. What is a toxic relationship? How to heal and grow. Healing insights into addictive relationships and destructive patterns. Healing and insight into cancer and other health problems Teacher of meditation, relaxation, creative visualization for healing of health problems and low self esteem. How to love yourself and others. Healing process of self realization through art therapy and inner work. Forgiveness. Finding inner peace.
*Longer duration appointments are available by request.

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30 minutes  $30.0
60 minutes  $60.00

Experience mind body balance with the ancient energy healing technique. Highly relaxing while helping the body heal. Reiki has no contra-indications and can be used to support cancer patients, migraine suffers, high blood pressure, chronic pain, fatigue, stress management and much more.

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Hypnotherapy & Meditation

Fears & Phobias
60 minutes  $90.00

In this session you will be guided to a more relaxed state designed to let go of any worries, fears or doubts that you may have. When you are able to let go of interference you are able to see your goal more clearly. This is the perfect time to focus on what we truly want to happen in our life. Together we will customize the suggestions you will receive to allow them to become a natural part of you. Use this session to focus on one area of improvement at a time for maximum results. Possible future appointments will be discussed at time of first appointment.

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Guided Meditation
30 minutes  $30.00

In a private session, Susanna takes you in to a deep and relaxing meditation through the use of guided imagery and singing bowls. Basic instruction is given on how to meditate.

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Mind Body Balancer
60 minutes  $90.00

Enjoy an hour specifically designed to improve your over all sense of wellbeing. In this session you will be guided to let go of distracting thoughts that keep you from reaching deeper states of relaxation. Guided imagery will help you open the door to your own source of creativity and intuition. When you feel the connection between heart and mind your spirit will soar!
*Highly recommended for a first session with Anne. Possible future appointments will be discussed at time of first appointment.

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Past Life Regression
90 minutes  $125.00

Who were you before? Together we will explore the potential past lives your soul has chosen throughout its journey. It's said that when the soul gets what it came for it chooses to leave only to be reborn and experience life again. Often you will be able to understand family relationships, and the significance of key people who have been in your life. You may gain insights about your personal likes and dislikes that range from foods choices to music preferences and clothing.Past life traits often carry over in the way of natural talent, family roles or even career choice.This experience will be uniquely yours to enjoy! Possible future appointments will be discussed at time of first appointment.
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