Health Care At Home? Do It Now!

Health careDo you ever feel so sick and just want a cup of ginger tea to make your body warm and good but you run out of ginger at home? Do you ever want to make a healthy soup with celery but a grocery nearest doesn’t sell it? You can have all of those things by yourself! Do a home health care plant planting, such a really nice activity to make your life healthier and bright!

There is a lot of healthy and medicinal plant that you can grow them in your backyard. Such as Ginger, Celery, Aloe vera, Turmeric, and others, and now I’m going to tell you the benefit of that medical plant for a health care!

The first one is ginger, a lot of people use ginger for a warmer. Just peel of ginger and boil it with some water and you can drink it as a warmer, a little bit honey can make it sweet and had a better taste. The second one is Celery. Celery is known as a seasoning vegetable, but there is a plenty benefit from celery such an increasing the appetite, prevent from cancer, and as an anti-aging mask. The third Aloe vera, Aloe vera is a unique plant that has a spike around itself. The flesh inside aloe vera is gooey and slimy but the slime is a good thing for us, it can be ingredients for a hair mask that makes your hair shiny and smooth. The next one is turmeric, turmeric is a spice that comes from ginger family, you know curry? Curry become yellow from turmeric and we can call turmeric a thing that can make a natural yellow color for food, it’s also can boost mothers milk and cure a gastric pain.

So, there is a plenty plant that you can grow them up in your home as your easy and fun health care. Interested to do it now?

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