Essence Of Country Wedding Dresses

Country Wedding DressesEverything has meaning and value, and everything does not happen automatically as well. Everything should be considered, including plus, minus, harm and benefit. Well, this also applied in country wedding dresses. Talking about wedding dresses, it is actually a uniform wear that worn in the wedding process. Usually, the bride and groom, they wear suitable dresses. The kind of wedding dresses between one country and another country is different. The difference might also draw the differences in culture and the value of life that applied.

Country Wedding Dresses Meanings and Values

Country wedding dresses in Indonesia for the bride is called Kebaya and Batik Skirt. The essence of wearing kebaya as the wedding dress is showing image personality of Indonesian women. It shows the obedient, calm, patient and simple life personality of Indonesian women. So, the hope of using Kebaya is Indonesian women should be patient, calm, obedient but never forget the simplicity of life. Usually, for the groom, he wears blangkon as the head cover, and it matched with the Kebaya’s color. The essence or meaning of blangkon is that the hope that groom can have a good and steady thinking.

Well, talking about wedding dresses, there are many kinds of wedding dresses. Previously, we talked about country wedding dresses. But, there is also a kind of wedding dress that is worn popularly, and that is Chinese wedding dresses. In Chinese, all properties of wedding dominantly red. And that means the brighter life, a good sign, and good fate. The essence of red is a hope for a better life can be true. Different with Indian wedding dresses. In India distribution of wedding dresses based the region. Usually, use red or green color. The meaning of it is luck and prosperity. But there is a usage of cream which symbolizes simplicity and purity of the citizen.

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