Health lifeJapan is one of the countries with the highest life expectancy in this planet. How Japanese people live their life becomes one of the secrets to gain high expectancy of life. In fact, there are some points that are considered as the main secrets of long healthy life that held by a Japanese citizen. Now, what kind of secrets that we can follow to live a long healthy life like Japanese?

The first Japanese secret for long and healthy lifestyle is soup. Per a report, Japanese soup known as miso soup is considered as the key of a healthy diet in Japan. Drinking miso soup is believed to enhance our digestion and cleanse our body. It is low in carbohydrate and fat, yet rich in protein. That’s why it is a good choice for a daily diet. The second Japanese secret for long and healthy lifestyle is Hara Hachi Bu. Hara Hachi Bu means that you need to eat until you are 80% full. Considering the way our brain takes the time to alert our consciousness that our stomach is full makes people in Japan believe that they need to eat their meal until they feel 80% full so that they will not overeat. The third secret that Japanese has for long and healthy lifestyle is portion control. When you compare Japanese’s portion size with other countries, you will find that even fast-food in Japan is served in a smaller portion.

So, if you want to learn how to embrace a long and healthy life, try to control your meal portion as Japanese people do. The last secret is mottanai. This is another Japanese expression that you need to learn from Japanese people. It means better not to waste it. Japanese are taught to appreciate every food and not to waste it from their young age. Try to follow this secret and embrace your long and healthy life.


Health lifeHealth life information provides some information related to the health. The information is the helpful information from anyone who searches for some tips to make a healthy living. People nowadays do not care about the condition of their health so they easily get stress and sick. If they always do that, it will make a big cause for them to life with healthy in the future. If they do not act healthy or try to be healthy, when they will start to change their habit? A bad habit is a big impact that causes unhealthy. Then, it has been researched that healthy people will give you happiness to do anything with your firm and good body. By that, so you will be more enjoying your life.

Unhealthy people will read the information because they really want to make their life is healthy. From health information, it consists of some activities, which is appropriate to create a healthy body, some instruction to calm your mind, and some bad and good habits with its effect on the life. To life with a healthy habit, healthy eating, plus healthy exercise is the main things that gain positive side to gain the energy and good system life. Without that, you can face the risk, which is not very useful for your health.

To get the information about the health life, you can find it on the internet that has thousand information to get the health life., you can find some effective tips to maintain your health, and some tips to change your habit. Moreover, you can also get the information from the expert. You can ask your doctors about your health condition and ask him or her about what should you do to prevent yourself from the unhealthy condition. The last way to get the information is you can read the books of useful information that will make you understand more about the health life, why you need the health life, and what to do to create the health life.


Health lifeBeing healthy is the need of everyone especially for adults. Even though it can be said that the immune system has been perfect when someone is an adult, there are many diseases which must be wary of. For example, are heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and much more. That is why keep the body healthy to be in the best condition is the thing which must be done. In this case, there are some tips for adults who want to get a healthy life. Then, the following explanation is good to be read.

There will be three tips which you should do as follow.

  1. Healthy weight

To begin with, getting a healthy body when you are an adult is easy enough. The best thing to being done is thinking about the healthy weight. As it is known if overweight or obesity is unhealthy. Many diseases such as diabetes and heart disease firstly are caused by obesity. Then, in adults, the tendency of getting obesity is higher rather than those who are still teenagers. Thus, keeping the weight can be the best way for the adults. In this case, watching out what is eaten and think about the calories and do the exercises.

  1. Healthy food

As for having been known that food is the important thing in getting a healthy life. That is why you need to consume high nutrient food to get the best body health. Here, eating more vegetables, fruits and grains are very good. Then, avoiding the food having a high sugar and high fat can be another good thing.

  1. Healthy activities

Last, you need to do the healthy activities as well. Several good activities for the body are aerobics, swimming or the activities to add the muscles. Even stretching for several minutes every day is a good activity for your body as well.


Health careAsthma is one of the diseases which is had by many people. Here, usually, this disease can be caused by some cause like genetic factors. Thus, if your family has asthma, there is a high risk of you to get this disease as well. Then, for those who have asthma, actually, there are some things which you can do in order not to make your condition be worse. Therefore, what should we do? Here is the explanation for you.

  1. Avoiding pet

Since asthma sufferers somehow will be a little sensitive with pets especially those who have fur. Thus, it can be better for them to keep the pets outside the house. Then, brushing the hair of the pets has to be done too. In short, you should make sure that the pets will not give a bad impact which can worsen your asthma condition.

  1. Swimming

For those who have asthma, one of the best activities for the sufferers is swimming. As it is known that there are experts who recommend this activity for asthma sufferers. Here, someone who has asthma will do the exercise for their respiration so that the condition of asthma will come to be better.

  1. Making sure the room is clean

After that, the next thing which asthma sufferers must do is that making sure their room is clean. As it is known that dust becomes something which triggers asthma. Therefore, the clean of the room will be one of the most important things which can help the asthma sufferers not to get a worse condition.

In summary, there are three points that all asthma sufferers must know well. There are about the pets, the clean of the room and then about swimming activities which are good for them. If those three points are understood well, of course, the condition of asthma they have will not get worse.


ubudspaGoing to Bali, there will be not complete if you do not go to Ubud. This place is one of the best places for all tourists including the local and foreign ones. The beauty and Ubud Spa there will be the best thing which attracts more people to come there. Indeed, a very fresh nature and the beauty of each part in Ubud becomes the best thing that all people do not miss it. Moreover, talking about a spa in Ubud, there are some places providing this kind of services. Then, below is the explanation about it.

Reason Why We Should Choose Ubud Spa

In Ubud, as we know that there are many places providing Ubud Spa. For instance, is at the hotel. There are many hotels in Ubud providing this kind of service. Moreover, why should we choose spa in Ubud? There are some of it here. To begin with, this spa place has the experienced therapist. Indeed, with the experienced therapist, all of the customers including you will not need to worry about all services provided. The experienced therapist indeed will make all people get a great service since they get best people who have an expert of it.

Then, the place where all people get the services which are nice too. Of course, the places help people to get the best services there. With packages offered to start from messages, spa, and all the services indeed can help the tourists to get. Moreover, the various packages of spa offered will be the next thing why you should choose this spa After that, with all the things above, that is why the tourists should not miss In short, there are some things above that can help all tourists why they should go to the spa in Ubud.


Health tipsLife is not for eating, but eating for a living. That’s why you should eat healthy food. The healthy food makes you keep away from various dangerous diseases. Also, you must do exercise regularly. Choosing healthy food is the key to keeping our health. Below are foods that should be avoided if you want to keep healthy.

  1. Food Can

The food can be efficient and effective food. We can bring it everywhere. It is easy to be consumed and even you can eat directly without cooking process. However, you must know that food can is very dangerous for our health. The preservative can cause cancer. Thus, if you want to be healthier, you must avoid this kind of food.

  1. Vegetable oil

This kind of oil seems to be healthy. However, if you consume excessive of vegetable oil, it will danger our health. The process of the oil contains fat acid that is dangerous for the heart. You can change vegetable oil with olive oil.

  1. White Flour

Many food industries utilize the white flour in the food production. It is known that the white flour contains high glycemic which is dangerous for our health. It can increase cholesterol and the risk of heart attack.

  1. Sugar

Sugar doesn’t have any important nutrients. The sugar contains fructose that can increase cholesterol in the body. Although the sugar can produce energy for our body, it can cause fat if we consume excessive sugar.

  1. Rice

Rice contains less mineral and nutrients which needed by the body. It is better to change the rice with red rice which contains natural fiber for our health.

Those foods are should be avoided. Avoid those foods mean that you try to keep your body from any diseases. Thus, are you ready for the healthier life? Try to consume more vegetable and fruit every day.


Health careDo you ever feel so sick and just want a cup of ginger tea to make your body warm and good but you run out of ginger at home? Do you ever want to make a healthy soup with celery but a grocery nearest doesn’t sell it? You can have all of those things by yourself! Do a home health care plant planting, such a really nice activity to make your life healthier and bright!

There is a lot of healthy and medicinal plant that you can grow them in your backyard. Such as Ginger, Celery, Aloe vera, Turmeric, and others, and now I’m going to tell you the benefit of that medical plant for a health care!

The first one is ginger, a lot of people use ginger for a warmer. Just peel of ginger and boil it with some water and you can drink it as a warmer, a little bit honey can make it sweet and had a better taste. The second one is Celery. Celery is known as a seasoning vegetable, but there is a plenty benefit from celery such an increasing the appetite, prevent from cancer, and as an anti-aging mask. The third Aloe vera, Aloe vera is a unique plant that has a spike around itself. The flesh inside aloe vera is gooey and slimy but the slime is a good thing for us, it can be ingredients for a hair mask that makes your hair shiny and smooth. The next one is turmeric, turmeric is a spice that comes from ginger family, you know curry? Curry become yellow from turmeric and we can call turmeric a thing that can make a natural yellow color for food, it’s also can boost mothers milk and cure a gastric pain.

So, there is a plenty plant that you can grow them up in your home as your easy and fun health care. Interested to do it now?


Health tipsThe mesothelioma cancer is a very dangerous disease. It can be suffered by many people not only workers who work in the asbestos industry. Because of this disease is very rare, you should know about the cause of mesothelioma to avoid from this deadly disease. Also, to avoid the mesothelioma prevalence, you should know the perfect treatment. Furthermore, you should see a doctor if you feel the symptom of the mesothelioma cancer.

So far, the medicinal treatment for mesothelioma prevalence is not found yet. However, the sufferer of this disease will get a treatment which is mixing treatments. The treatment of mesothelioma cancer is very various and it must be frequently. The treatments can be such as operation, therapy, and radiant therapy. Although those medicinal treatment is very often that can be used, you can look for other treatments that are better. The other treatments are photodynamic therapy, immunotherapy, and biopsy. The treatments of mesothelioma sufferers will elongate their age so it is very important. Even though it cannot cure the mesothelioma disease, it can help the sufferer. The sufferer should go to a doctor to know the best treatment for him. Also, if you have a friend or relative who suffer from this disease, you should support and help them. You can accompany them to go to the doctor.

The treatment for mesothelioma sufferer can be with operation way. The aim of the operation is to discharge tumor out of the lung. However, the operation should be combining with therapy treatment. The second treatment is therapy. The therapy is a good treatment for treating a cancer disease. It is very famous. The therapy also can lose mesothelioma prevalence. Then, the next treatment is radiation that can kill cancer cell growth. In addition, the natural treatment of eating vitamin C, celandine, and claw cat can also avoid us from mesothelioma cancer.


Natural Methods to Treat Oral Ulceration

The method to treat an oral ulceration on tongue and lips is one of the most health problems of mouth cavity which is complained by the people. Oral ulceration is typically begun by the inflammation within the mouth cavity, such as cracked lips chapped and dry. At the heart of the matter, oral ulceration is a wound on the mouth area. It is a circular florid wound. For the worse condition, it leads to really painful feeling. It really annoys and disturbs, moreover while eating. Its terrible soreness will directly lose your appetite. That’s why most of the oral ulceration sufferers want to all of that soreness disappears soon.

Treat Oral Ulceration With Natural Method

The methods to treat an oral ulceration are many and varied. There are both medical and natural methods. The people are free to choose either medical or natural methods. Each method has its own advantages. Medical methods commonly bring side effect for the health. Besides, the natural methods mostly use natural substances and materials, so it may not lead to any bad effect. Based on that reason the people prefer to choose natural treating methods, besides it also costs fewer budget. Here are several natural methods which may help you in treating oral ulceration.

Previously, you are suggested to know kinds of natural materials which are able to take care of oral ulceration problems.  They are coconut water, salt, guava, coffee, and so on.

The simplest natural way or method to treat oral ulceration is by utilizing submerged salt water. You just have to gargle using that water. In additional, the most pleasant method of oral ulceration treating is by utilizing coconut water. You are able to overcome the oral ulceration while drinking a fresh coconut ice. If you are a coffee lover this oral ulceration treating methods will really appropriate. Based on the certain information, coffee powder is also able to care for painful oral ulceration. The sufferer just has to put that powder on the wound of your oral ulceration. Wait for minutes, and rinse the mouth with fresh and clean water. Actually, there are still several other natural methods in taking cure of oral ulceration.


Simple Surprised Thing That Can Burn Calorie

Being healthy is simple and convenient. You usually don’t realize that every move that you did is burning your calorie. Also, it is often by doing a happy and simple thing. Here this will show you what kinds of simple activities that help you to burn a calorie. Burning calorie means that you will lose weight and fat consumed will not stay on your body.

Burn Calorie With Suprised Thing

Do you like popcorn? This will be surprised because it can burn a calorie. However, the popcorn must be free from butter and oil. It is recommended to eat plain popcorn. Is it easy right? You can have a meal without thinking the calorie. Then, for you who are traveling lovers, there is good news. Carrying your heavy luggage will burn the calorie. Furthermore, it makes your arm will be firm. This is the writer turn. Do you know that typing quickly will burn your calorie? We never imagine before, right? When you type 4800 words, you will burn 200 calories. Thus, don’t be lazy to type when doing your duties. The job is done and your body will be healthy too.

For women, do you like to comb your hair? Combing your hair is also able to burn your calorie. When you comb 35 times, you will burn 100 calories

That is awesome. Many people think that drinking cold water will increase your calorie. However, that is wrong. Drinking much water will lose your weight and it can burn your calorie. It is amazing; you will get fresh throat and healthy body. Another simple way to burn the calorie is brushing your teeth, so be diligent to brush it. Spare your time for 2 minutes for brushing your teeth after eating. 2 minutes brushing will burn 6 calories. You will get both clean teeth and healthy body. In conclusion, don is lazy to do an even simple thing because you don’t know that it makes you healthier. Is it easy? You may try and don’t forget to love yourself.